Hook lift container

Theconstruction hook lift container is used for large-scale waste collection, suchas furniture or parts thereof, various construction waste, scrap metal, etc.The container is hooked, pulled up and lowered with the help of a specialmechanism, mounted on a heavy duty vehicle made for that purpose. The base of the

container is welded from a large U form beam and crossbars, covered with a 4mm sheet plate. We also manufacture hook lift containers with Hardox® 450 steel, for transporting especially heavy materials - stones, rubble, etc. The front of the container is equipped with a lifting hook unit made of 2 large U beams and a round diameter 50 rod, which is used for hooking and lifting the container. The base of the container is universal and can be fitted with tanks with capacity from 10m3 to 35m3, which can be of open or closed type, depending on the customer`s needs. The container is primed and painted.